Abstract Space Images

Abstract Space Images

Hey, I don’t know who reads this but if you like statistics then this is the very first time I’ve been in late in making a post in almost a year. Isn’t that something? You’ve gotta mess up at some point. I didn’t have a baglog ready and I completely forgot to make something ready last night. I know everyone was totally ready at 8:30 for this and I’m sorry I let you down.

Anyway, onto the good stuff. Today I’m sharing some of the images I’ve been producing over the last two weeks instead of working. These are abstract space images, as the title may suggest. They’re very simple to make and I can make them in a out ten minutes. But that doesn’t make me not love them because I think they’re fascinating. Generally, what I do is:

  • Take a base image of space
  • Throw a statue or subject over it
  • distort the image with color, saturation, filters, other pictures, basically anything
  • chop up and reduce what I’ve done

That’s it, I’m finding the more of these that I do, the less I want to do to them. Please enjoy the images and have a good day.

What did you think?