Layers and Floating Buildings


The current exploration of my project has taken to layers.  Consider the various strata that make up the world around us. The water, land and air are the starting points. But those can be broken down further. In the water there are various levels of density and ocean life. The land is currently home to us and holds varying heights of hills, mountains, buildings, valleys, and ditches. Finally, the air is home to many types of clouds and strata of sky.

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Suspended Water

Suspended Water

This model was all about suspending water and land around themselves. It is an extension of the previous models. This time, it is the plane of liquid and the mass of the earth that is being moved and floats. The pieces are suspended and pulled taught by thin wire. The focus is to be on how it curves the planes of the water. After that, the wire pulls the mass of the land up and off the ground. The water is literally being bent and now supports the land in the air. The wire connects to the land along the shoreline only. This results in a tight connection and sturdy mass near the water, but the further away areas of the land are more free.

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