Snow Day

Snow Day

Today Penn State canceled classes over what turned out to be a very mediocre snow storm. It piled up a bit over night and in the early morning but by around 9 or 10 am every main road was just about cleared. There wasn’t even too much build up on the grass and the snowballs weren’t super fluffy. That’s nitpicking. I should be thankful the snow wasn’t too high because I have no snow gear and I was able to stomp around in the snow for about an hour before getting too cold. Because I got to go outside I was able to take pictures of my friends horsing around in the snow.


I’ve been iffy about photographs lately. I haven’t liked my compositions at all. I recently started following some pretty talented photographers on instagram. They seem to find the greatest compositions and I often think I don’t have the eye for it. I like to imagine it comes with practice and I know I certainly don’t have the years or even the time spent just walking downtown to take pictures that I should. In addition that, I’ve also been editing my photos in lightroom for about four months maybe.

That’s another place of discomfort. I feel like I’m learning a lot about the software but I also feel like I’ve ruined a lot of good images through accidental over editing. I edit an image and it seems fine in lightroom then when it comes out it’s a really noisy. I think I need to learn more about the nuances of the software, some of the finer tools in it certainly, and also more about shooting in general i.e. what settings are best.

This shoot

I had a few goals in this shoot. Some portraits, some action shots of a snowball fight, and a few shots of people working on a snowman or something. I think I covered most of my bases. I was hoping to get some cool angles and some explosive snowball shots. The real trick was editing them after and trying to bring out the details in the jackets, faces, and even some shadows on the snow. Anyway, enjoy the pictures and go outside if you have the chance. I find it pretty hard to leave the house sometimes without having something clear to do. So when the opportunity arises I try to force myself to go for it.

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