Stewardson Competition

Stewardson Travel Competition

This is what I made in about a week and a half for a recent competition we were forced into. I thought I would hate it but I actually ended up enjoying the competition and being happy with what I made. I went for the classic strategy of “less is more” and the question “what would this look like if it were easy?” was in my mind.

So I went with my first thought. The prompt boils down to developing a space for all people to gather and appreciate a piece altar made to George Nakashima’s vision. My first thought was to appreciate the wood. Not only for the connection to the table but to the metaphor of nature and growth. To me, it would symbolize growing together and being a part of nature and the Earth. The site is unique in that it runs next to a major fault line in Þingvellir National Park, Iceland. A place to grow together at a point where the land is being driven apart. Poetic.

The text I used on my board

Much like the rings of a tree telling the stories of its growth, the Ring
Pavilion, home to Iceland’s peace altar, tells a story of personal growth
and peace for those who visit, becoming a bastion of unifi ed peace
seeking and togetherness. It is modeled after the section of tree to
represent outward growth. In a large, well lit chamber at the core of
the rings lies the altar. Growing out of that are the supporting spaces.
Carved away from the building are the exterior support spaces and
gardens. These walls, or rings, are massive, cast in place concrete to
naturally allow heat to build up over the day. The building is placed close
to existing roads where the fault line intersects the sea. This culminates
in a building symbolizing growing together at unique point of contrast
where the land is literally being driven apart. Just like a tree, the Ring
Pavilion is a symbol of natural harmony growing around us.


My overall thoughts on this would be, happy. I’m pleased with how it came together. I think the simple drawing style looks nice and sleek over the renderings. The second rendering, the one in the snow, is really special to me, I think that one turned out very nice. The concrete with the windows lit up in yellow in the snow. Exactly what I had in mind. A rare thing that is, to have what you had in your mind come out in the end. Anyway, I would say, for simple drawings in illustrator and crude modeling in rhino for Vray, these images turned out nice together.

What did you think?