Snow Day

Snow Day

Today Penn State canceled classes over what turned out to be a very mediocre snow storm. It piled up a bit over night and in the early morning but by around 9 or 10 am every main road was just about cleared. There wasn’t even too much build up on the grass and the snowballs weren’t super fluffy. That’s nitpicking. I should be thankful the snow wasn’t too high because I have no snow gear and I was able to stomp around in the snow for about an hour before getting too cold. Because I got to go outside I was able to take pictures of my friends horsing around in the snow.

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Friendsgiving Photos and Thanksgiving Break


I just got back to Penn State a few days ago to finish up the semester. As of writing this I have about 9 days left of work to do. Over my break I spent most of it working on papers so I wouldn’t have to worry about them that much during my last few days at school for the semester. Of course I did miscellaneous things like go out or play some guitar. Steph even bought a new guitar. But what I want to talk about is Friendsgiving.

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